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These are the breeds I have shown and groomed for CKC & AKC registered all-breed shows categorized by groups... 


Three types of gundogs are used by the hunter in the field.

Pointers and Setters locate upland game afield for the hunter by either "pointing" the nose toward the scent, or by "setting" which is assuming a rigid stance.

Retrievers bring killed or wounded game back to the hunter.

Spaniels, long or dense-coated breeds, work close to the gun in rough cover, locating, flushing and retrieving game



-Blue Picardy Spaniels

-German Shorthaired Pointers

-Chesapeake Bay Retrievers

-Flat-Coated Retrievers

-Golden Retrievers

-Labrador Retrievers

-Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers

-English Setters

-Gordon Setters

-Irish Setters

-Irish Red & White Setters

-Clumber Spaniels

-Cocker Spaniels

-English Cocker Spaniels

-English Springer Spaniels

-Feild Spaniels

-Welsh Springer Spaniels


-Wirehaired Vizslas


-Wirehaired Pointing Griffons

Group 2 HOUNDS

Hounds are known by how they track game: sight or scent. Afghans, Salukis, and others of the Greyhound family locate their game by sight and with their remarkable speed run it to ground. Others like the Foxhound, Basset or Bloodhound trail by scent, giving voice all the while so the hunter can follow. Dachshunds kill underground and Otterhounds in the water.

-Afghan Hounds


-Basset Hounds




-Dachshunds (All Varieties)

-Irish Wolfhounds


-Norweigen Elkhounds

-Petits Bassets Griffons Vendeens

-Rhodesian Ridgebacks


-Scottish Deerhounds



Although these breeds are sometimes expected to double as hunters, their principal service has been to assist man in his daily work. They have traditionally gaurded man's home and his stock, served as drovers, all-around farm dogs and draft animals. Today they also serve as gaurd dogs, police and border patrol dogs, guide dogs for the blind and dogs of war.


-Alaskan Malamutes

-Bernese Mountain Dogs



-Canaan Dogs

-Doberman Pinschers

-Giant Schnauzers

-Great Danes

-Great Pyrenees



-Portuguese Water Dogs



-Siberian Huskies


From the latin word terra (earth) comes our word "terrier" describing dogs with stamina, unwavering determination, and courage to go to ground after their game.

-Airedale Terriers

-American Staffordshire Terriers

-Bedlington Terriers

-Border Terriers

-Bull Terriers

-Cairn Terriers

-Cesky Terriers

-Smooth Fox Terriers

-Wire fox Terriers

-Kerry Blue Terriers

-Lakeland Terriers

-Minature Schnauzers

-Norfolk Terriers

-Norwich Terriers

-Parson Russell Terriers

-Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers

-Staffordshire Bull Terriers

-Welsh Terriers

-West Highland White Terriers


Bred down to pocket size, Toy dogs are popular in city and suburban households. Their special quality is their diminutiveness which, when coupled with healthy bodies and happy temperments, makes them ideally suited as family pets.


-Brussels Griffons

-Cavalier King Charles Spaniels


-Chinese Cresteds


-Miniature Pinschers




-Toy Poodles


-Yorkshire Terriers


At the earliest dog shows. only dogs used for Sporting purposes were exhibited. Later, the rarer breeds were shown in what was called a "non-sporting" category.

-American Eskimo Dogs Stds

-Bichons Frises

-Boston Terriers


-Chinese Shar-Pei



-French Bulldogs


-Lhasa Apsos

-Miniature Poodles

-Shih Tzu

-Standard Poodles


-Shiba Inus

-Tibetan Terriers



The herding instinct that made the wolf a sucessful hunter was recognized by man and adapted to his advantage. Domesticated and specialized through selective breeding, they evolved into the herding dogs that made sucessful farming possible. The great agricultural lands could never have been settled without him, and to this day he works side by side with man. These dogs are agile in movement, anticipating every move, able to turn in an instant, acting on thier own or in response to a signal, "eyeing" their flock into obedience. Even those whose versatility extends to working as draft animals or gaurd dogs may be powerfully built, but never are they cumbersome.''

-Australian Cattle Dogs

-Australian Shepherds

-Bearded Collies

-Belgian Shepherds (all 4 varieties)

-Bouviers des Flandres



-Dutch Sheepdog (newly recognized)

-German Shepherd Dogs

-Rough Collies

-Smooth Collies

-Old English Sheepdogs

-Shetland Sheepdogs

-Miniature American Shepherd

-Cardigan Welsh Corgis

-Pembroke Welsh Corgis


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